Android M 6.0 Release Date, Download & Features: Memory Manager Revealed

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Google releases its second update of Android M 6.0 Developer Preview and it contains a new feature called Memory Manager.

Android Origin said Memory Manager shows comprehensive information on how much RAM your apps are using. Interestingly, it shows how much RAM a specific app is consuming even if the app is not currently being used.

Although the new Memory Manager does not include any actionable options such as force close application, Android Origin says this is actually to the device’s benefit since this can actually harm the performance of your device.

The site however noted that even though Memory Manager is already incorporated in the updated Android M 6.0 preview, there is no guarantee that it will also be present in final release of Android M 6.0 update.

Android M Developer Preview 2 also comes with security enhancements and bug fixes that were reported in the original version of the OS, Breathe Cast reported.

Two months after the original Android M Developer Preview was released May, the updated version has also added a “demo mode” which pops up fake status bars to present more personable screenshots.

Ars Technica listed other updates of the Android M 6.0 such as changes in fixed app drawer. The top row of apps in the app drawer now displays “predictive apps” bar which apparently predicts what the user wants to use. The entire column of icons has been removed to make room for huge index letters.

The new homescreen now supports auto rotate while the System UI Tuner now has more status bar options such battery status car icon. There are also modifications in Clock App which allows users to manually choose a day of the week.

Google has promised to launch more new features including Android Play mobile payment service in the coming updates.

The final version of Android M 6.0 is expected to be unveiled this fall.

You can download Android M 6.0 Developer Preview here.

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