He is one of the most feared serial killers in America. He killed people by sending letter bombs to his unsuspecting victims. He was an excellent mathematician, who thought of himself as a rebel with a cause. He got arrested in 1996. Now, twenty years after his arrest Unabomber is ready to tell his side of the story to the world. Unabomber, who is portrayed by his brother as a mentally ill person in his latest book, thinks that he has to speak and tell the world that his brother is wrong.

In his 18-year bombing campaign, Ted Kaczynski killed 3 people and injured more than 20 by sending them letter bombs. His main targets were universities and airlines, reported Mail Online.

Ted Kaczynski, 74, has written a letter to Lawrence Wright, a journalist for New Yorker, telling him that he is “not mentally ill” as depicted by his brother David in his latest book. Interestingly, his brother David was the one who identified Ted’s handwriting and informed the police about his actions 20 years back; following which, Ted was sentenced to a life imprisonment. Unabomber was not sentenced with capital punishment as he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

In his interview with CBS News in 2005, David told, “Clearly he had to be stopped, and I don’t think there was any other way to stop him, I sometimes think maybe earlier in his life — he was my older brother. Maybe if I had recognised how seriously disturbed he was, I could have been more helpful to him.”

Psychologist Dr Stephen Diamond, on the other hand opined, “It may very well be some kind of a repetition of his trying to be heard and gain some recognition”

Lawrence Wright on Sunday posted the letter, which was written on April 4, 2016, on Twitter. In his letter Ted said that his brother’s portrayal of him in his book torments him.

Ted wrote, “I am ready to speak to someone from the media regarding my brother’s recent comments and to discuss how they are being used to torment me.”

‘I am only granting one interview to one person. In order to determine who will get the interview, I am asking you to write me back affirming that you understand that I am NOT mentally ill, as my brother Dave, would have you believe,” added Unabomber.

Lawrence Wright tweeted, “The Unabomber reached out. Thanks, Ted, you’re not nuts at all.”

However, when asked whether he wanted to interview Unabomber, Wright said that his twitter comment was sarcastic and he did not have any interest in interviewing the serial killer.