An American woman from Huntsville, Alabama, mutilated his husband’s dog in a plot to fake a miscarriage of her fake pregnancy she had been carrying for seven months.

Husband, Johnny Parker, was shocked to see his dog’s body in a trash can after Anita Parker,43, slit the dog’s stomach to take out some blood to create miscarriage on Thursday at their home in Alabama, United States.

According to, Parker pretended that she was cramping and suffered a miscarriage. She lied that she had to flush her stillborn baby due to miscarriage. But it was not like that. This was scary!

For the past seven months, her husband had no clue that she had been faking the pregnancy. She wanted her husband to move back with her as they had been separated, so she lied about the pregnancy.

On Wednesday, she called her husband about her complications. After knowing her condition, he rushed back to see whether she was too serious. He found her covered in blood.

The couple dialled 911 for a medical emergency and she was taken to a hospital. After several medical tests, it turned out true after doctors confirmed that she had not been pregnant and didn’t suffer any serious miscarriage.

Dumbstruck over her fake medical condition, Parker understood why his wife never took him to the hospital for medical checkups.

“They tell me, she wasn’t pregnant, she never has been pregnant,” her husband told ABC News in the US.

“I guess she pushed her belly out all the time because she looked like she was. And she sends me pictures of the ultrasounds.”

Now, she has been charged with animal cruelty. And was booked at Lawrence County Jail with a $US7000 bail bond, according to Fox13 Now.

Her husband said that after the terrible loss of his dog, he finds hard to sleep now.

“It hurts like crap, man, about my dog. I loved that dog, man,” he said.