American Jailed in UAE for Facebook Post

Handcuffed Hands

facebook on ipadChopper mechanic Ryan Pate composed the Facebook post while in Florida after contending with his company Global Aerospace Logistics (Gal) over sick leave.

On returning to Abu Dhabi from Florida, he was detained for breaking the nation’s strict cyber-slander laws.

His trial is scheduled to begin on 17 March and he could face as many as five years in jail as well as a sizable fine if found guilty.

Legal fee
Mr Pate’s dispute with his company started in December last year when he sought to increase his vacation time off to see a physician about a long-standing back injury. After being told he couldn’t extend his leave, Mr Pate posted a rant about the Abu Dhabi-based business on his Facebook page.

He returned to Abu Dhabi to be able to step down but shortly after arriving he was called by authorities who told him to report to a nearby police station. On attending Mr Pate was revealed screenshots of the Facebook message and told his company had filed charges accusing him of breaking wide ranging Emirates laws that prohibit slander.

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