American Horror Story Season 6: Ryan Murphy Talks Next Season’s Theme?

American Horror Story

Showrunner Ryan Murphy seemed eager to share details of the next season just a little over a week since the recent premiere of American Horror Story season 6.

After months of speculation, American Horror Story season 6 debuted last September 14 to the delight of viewers. Finally, it revealed the most guarded secret of the show, its theme. At the same time, it unveiled the identity of the male lead who turned out to be Cuba Gooding Jr. The actor created excitement among AHS fans eager to know what is ahead for them. Although he did not go into details, he hinted the series would present a different story this time around.

In contrast, showrunner Ryan Murphy had more to say about the FX hit series. However, his comments did not mean to divulge information about season 6. In fact, he revealed another one his secrets. This particular secret could put to rest an earlier speculation about American Horror Story ending. Thus, it would seem fans have reason to celebrate, or at the very least be hopeful, for more seasons to come.

The network has yet to issue the go signal for American Horror Story season 7. Yet it would appear Murphy has kept himself busy with a side project. He calls it an experiment as only he and one writer are working on it. Hence, the secrecy. However, Murphy admitted he is not certain when it will come out. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm for it could mean another hit season is on its way.

“I don’t know when it will [air] but it’s also an experiment. It’s a different way of doing it. It’s one person writing all episodes. I don’t know if it’s going to work but it’s like, well, let’s try that. We might get them done and shoot them on the sly and drop it,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly.

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