“American Horror Story” recently dropped a new logo for the upcoming season. While the official theme remains a mystery, it seems the logo revealed big secrets. Read on to find out what the logo signifies.

Express.co.uk noted that the show’s official social media accounts changed their primary photos to “a blood red 6.” It’s noticeable that the number drops into a question mark at the center of the black background. Thus, this signifies a “double meaning” for theorists, the site wrote.

The new logo looks more of a “tribal” symbol. However, Express.co.uk believes that it resembles a crop circle. Thus, this probably represents a scythe, a hook or a reaping corn. The site speculated that the setting might be at a farm, a countryside – similar to “Children of the Corn.”

Earlier reports teased that the sixth season will focus on children. Do you think the first speculation makes sense?

Express.co.uk also wrote that the number “6” was always used in horror stories. This would mean that the hybrid number may refer to a “satanic mark or a demonic cult.”

Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan has another idea regarding the mysterious logo. According to the site, the question mark probably means that production people are also posing a question on fan favorites who will likely return. For example, Jessica Lange.

“If Ryan came to me and said, ‘Would you want to do a small character for a couple episodes?’ I would absolutely say yes if I liked it,” Lange told the Wrap. “This was a great collaboration, so I would love to keep working with him.”

Likewise, fans are also curious if Lady Gaga or Sarah Paulson will make a comeback. After confirming her role on “American Crime Story” Season 2, fans wonder if Paulson’s new project means leaving AHS for good.

Last, AHS could probably be trolling with the fans … again. Express.co.uk mentioned that this has been the “longest wait” for fans to know more about the FX Series’ new theme. And by attaching a question mark to the number, this means there are questions waiting to be answered.

What do you think about the logo of “American Horror Story” Season 6? Do you think it has indeed a double meaning? Stay tuned for more updates.