The upcoming TV series, “American Gods,” could very well end up being better than Game of Thrones. Or at least, it could be everyone’s next favorite TV fantasy addiction. This, a film blog recently suggested.

According to Movie Pilot, “American Gods” might just shape up to be television’s next big show. “Obsession is also what creates gods in Neil Gaiman’s massively acclaimed novel, American Gods,” the film blog explaned. “[The novel] is now being turned into a TV series, which could, just maybe, be our next big obsession.”

Meanwhile, Gaiman, the novelist behind the show’s source material, seems equally excited for the TV adaptation. So excited, in fact, that he could not help but use expletives when talking about Bryan Fuller’s take on his acclaimed novel.

“[Bryan Fuller] and Michael Green have been writing these really powerful scripts,” Gaiman told Digital Spy. “The casting is [expletive] hot… and the footage that I’ve been seeing is also [expletive] hot.”

The popular author talked about how different Fuller’s vision is from his. “For me, ‘American Gods’ is a novel about the immigrant experience as much as it is anything else…It’s about coming to America and becoming American, and what you have to give up and what you’re allowed to keep,” he explained.

“For Bryan, I think it’s a show much more about belief… and belief is one of the engines that drives ‘American Gods.’ But it’s much more important, I think, in Bryan’s vision.

Gaiman also revealed that Fuller and his team have yet to finish a single episode since “they are shooting the first three episodes at once.” But he likes the footage that he has been shown so far. “It’s looking amazing,” he said. “It’s definitely hyper-real and…gorgeous, and I’m so looking forward to seeing a rough cut…when they finish one!”