Bernie Sanders wondered how America had trillions of dollars to send troops to the Middle East, but not enough money for the development of the country. He said the entire public school system in American was collapsing.

Hillary Clinton and Sanders had a heated debate on economy. According to the Vermont senator, the working classes were deprived due the close ties between Wall Street investors and politicians like Clinton.

The Democratic candidates interrupted each other during the debate to prove their point at times.

Children in American should not be poisoned, Bernie Sanders has said in reference to Flint water crisis. He calls the situation a “disgrace beyond belief.”

Sanders went to face-to-face with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during a CNN debate on Sunday. “Water rates have soared in Flint. You are paying three times more for poison water than I’m paying in Burlington, Vermont for clean water,” The Guardian quotes him as saying. “First thing you do is say people are not paying a water bill for poison water. And that is retroactive.”

The drinking water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan started in April 2014. Extremely elevated levels of the heavy metal have created a serious public health danger in the country.

Clinton, on her part, said a lot of people should be fired. At the same time, she said that Flint was not the only place where contamination was taking place. According to her, Cleveland has a higher rate of lead contamination than Flint.

Clinton said she would not be happy to do it only for the largest city in Michigan. She said she would want to work it out for the entire country. Sanders also said people, “who knew about what was happening and did not act appropriately,” would be fire if he became the president.