The Amazon Kindle emergency update has been released for its readers, with the company’s warning to Kindle customers that failure to install the new update by Tuesday, March 22, will immediately lock them out of the Internet.  Kindle will also be prevented from accessing the store or even sync with the cloud.

The Kindle emergency update was released for the first Kindle Paperwhite that came out in 2012, including each Kindle e-reader previously released.

The Amazon Kindle will not be able to connect, according to Amazon, and that the customers should be within a wireless range to try reconnecting again. If the problem continues to appear, Amazon is advising the users to restart Kindle from the Settings’ Menu and try again.

A spokesperson for Amazon, Kinley Pearsall, stated that the latest update is required for downloading the books from the cloud, accessing Kindle Store and for other services of Kindle. He further said that this update could make sure that the device is running the new software, and it still complies with the constantly changing industry standard.

However, the emergency update will not affect each Kindle model, just those from 2012 and the older versions must upgrade the software. On the other hand, Kindle models starting from 2007 to 2009  may be updated through the wireless connections of the devices before, while models from 2010 through 2012 may update the software through Wi-Fi.

Failure to update by March 22 will cause a lot of trouble for the users as they will have to install manually the new update to their e-reader, which means not automatically through a Wi-Fi or wireless. Instead, they will have to download the right software version to their PC to connect the Kindle through a USB cable.

The Amazon Kindle e-readers can automatically download and install these updates even when asleep as long as connected to Wi-Fi, The Verge reported.