Almost one-third of all Android devices are now on Lollipop; Marshmallow struggling at 0.7% 

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google has published a list containing distribution numbers of Android platform. The list reveals the number of devices running on various Android versions. Interestingly, it discloses that the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow is currently running on 0.7% of all active Android devices globally.

It surely is a slight jump from the December figure, which stood at 0.5 percent. Furthermore, the list also revealed info about other Android versions and their presence worldwide. Android 5.0 Lollipop took a 3% percent jump from December, and is now running on 32.6% of Android devices. However, KitKat still dominates the segment with 36.1 percent of the total user share, but it did lose 0.5 shares from December tally, earlier it was active 36.6 percent of devices.

Android distribution figures

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We must not forget other Android versions, which have now become pretty old school to power the latest smartphones. Despite that, Jelly Bean still runs on 24.7 percent devices (loss of 2 percent from old tally), Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread are still running on 2.7 percent and 3 percent devices respectively. Not many of us remember, but the earliest version of Android, named as “Froyo” is still taking its last breath with a share of 0.2 percent of devices.

We can’t help but compare these metrics with that of iOS. Apple is yet to release its distribution chart for January 2016, but its mid-December 2015 data unleashed that the latest version of the iOS, iOS 9, is currently running on an impressive 71 percent of iOS devices. In mid-November, it was running on 70 percent of all iOS devices. Apple does have a speedy update roll-out process than Android.

Going by these metrics, we can conclude that nearly one in three Android devices now runs on Lollipop. However, Marshmallow is still struggling to reach a considerable number of devices, it is still struggling at 0.7 percent. Frankly, a 0.7 percent adoption level after three months is dismal.

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