The American space agency has released an Apollo 11 photo that showed NASA attempting a missile attack on the moon to invade aliens.

Where World War 3 threats are frequently emerging from the world nations, an image featuring conflict between NASA and space is shocking. The photo dates back to July 20, 1969, even before Neil Armstrong, the first man to reach the moon, stepped there. UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible said that the image has caught a surprising alien phenomenon. The image shows a type of missile UFO moving across the moon’s surface ready to hit it and invade the aliens.

However, Crucible also indicated that the missile-type UFO might also be a space program’s man-made vehicle sent by the government from the earth or something deployed by the aliens. It is reportedly being considered as a space program conducted by NASA secretly along with others.

Crucible posted a video on YouTube where he released the images. “Bizarre image from the Apollo archives which appears to show a missile type UFO cruising across the moon,” he wrote accompanying the video. “Could NASA be bombing alien installations on the lunar surface, possibly using high tech ships from the secret space program. Very odd object, not convinced it’s an alien craft, more likely something we launched, but at who and why.”

According to Daily Star Online, it is unlikely a conventional missile because such weapon requires oxygen to explode and it is already known that there is no life-supporting gas in space.

On the video posted on YouTube, another alien hunter commented that the V-shaped platform from which the UFO seems to emerge in the images could be a subterranean base. “If you follow the trajectory of the rocket to the middle of the picture you will notice what looks like a V-shaped landing platform, and an entrance into the moon,” he commented.