This latest footage uploaded online shows that aliens are inhabiting on Mars and they might have a colonised underground base. Alien hunters have found a mysterious structure inside a Martian crater, showing artificial lights.

Secureteam10, a YouTube research channel, uploaded the stunning video which shows four distinct lights resting in a crater, which appears to be a spaceship, indicating a secret base.

Tyler Glockner, the owner of the channel, said: “We have captured a lot of anomalous structures on Mars, however, this would be the first time that we’ve actually seen lights on Mars,” Glockner said.

“This could be a craft of some sort; this could be objects down in the crater lit from within, it’s obviously impossible to tell,” he added.

On a different side, conspiracy theorists have blamed NASA for concealing the existence of aliens on Martian surface. Just after it announced the presence of water on Mars, in a Reddit session, scientists could not able to explain how the water came to the surface, according to Inquistr.

One Reddit user asked; “Would this not imply it’s being resupplied by underground sources?”

Another replied: “Yes.It also implies an underground alien base.”

According to a report by Tech Times, ufo theorists claimed that the images captured by NASA show mysterious structures, which alien use to hide from getting noticed.

Last year in December,DAHBOO77, a UFO hunter posted a video of alien structures that nearly proven the presence of aliens. The video features Google Earth images of Mars regions, showing believed-to-be entrance structures, which the channel claimed to be housing aliens.

Not one, but there were “seven such entrances found on the Mars surface”.

“Every time an amazing discovery is made on Mars, They quickly tell the sheep it is a rock or shadow! Time and time again, They try to make excuses for the objects being discovered all over Mars.” it wrote DAHBOO77 in the description of the video.

“This time, they are not fooling anyone by saying it’s just rock formations. No doubt, some of the small minded out there will by NASA Lies till the Great Deception! But for those out there with an open mind, And that know we are being lied to, This find speaks volumes! “ it added.