The extraterrestrial elements have always kept us pondering about the world beyond our mother Earth. But there are also many occasions when their intrusions, or rather signs of it, have shaken as well as strengthen our beliefs that they do visit us. One recent phenomenon may point to the possibility of aliens in Australia.

Recently in Sydney, as the sun went down, fireball was spotted in sky. Are there aliens in Australia?

The incident made it to the news when an Australian man captured in his dash cam footage of a fireball which was streaking across the clear sky.

Soon the video was uploaded to YouTube by user ClearSkiesTV. In the clipping, one can see the fireball, a meteor catching fire in the earth’s atmosphere, flashing downward toward the ground at 5:22 p.m. Friday, reported UPI.

Check the video below.

The YouTube user added a note with the video post saying, “Captured on dash cam, this meteor must have been fairly large to be this easily visible while there was still plenty of light in the sky from the setting sun and the light pollution from a busy area of Sydney.”

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The post further read, “The object that created this fireball is called a ‘meteoroid,’ a small piece of space rock. Without other photos or videos of the event it is difficult to estimate the size of the rock; it may have been as large as a marble or a tennis ball, and was most likely several hundred kilometers to the north of the dash cam location.”

Last month around same dates, there were news when conspiracy theorists believed they had spotted a UFO flying 50 to 100 times faster than a normal aircraft’ in Australia. UFO hunters Secure Team 10 uploaded a video to their YouTube channel showing a flight tracker which let the viewers watch the movements of planes online, reported Mail Online. However, despite thousands of views of the video, most of the viewers were unconvinced.

What is your take on it? Do you believe there are aliens in Australia? Post your opinion below.