Cornell University researchers made calculations based on the time it takes for signals from Earth to transmit to other civilizations across space. They found that if aliens could contact us, it would happen 1,500 years from now.

“We haven’t heard from aliens yet, as space is a big place but that doesn’t mean no one is out there,” Evan Solomonides, a student from Cornell University, told The Telegraph UK. “It’s possible to hear any time at all, but it becomes likely we will have heard around 1,500 years from now.”

The student’s equation aims to answer the Fermi Paradox, which attempts to explain why aliens did not make any contact yet. Solomonides will demonstrate the equation on June 16 during the Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego.


IF aliens make contact, it will happen 1,500 years from now. Credit: Wallpaper Abyss

“Until then, it is possible that we appear to be alone, even if we are not. But if we stop listening or looking, we may miss the signals,” asserts the Cornell University student. “So we should keep looking.”

The researchers believe that extraterrestrials will most probably pick up TV and radio signals coming from Earth. These signals have been journeying across space for 80 years at the speed of light and have reached about 3,555 exoplanets and 8,531 stars.

Nevertheless, these incomprehensible signals still need to cover great distances since the Milky Way contains 200 billion stars. Still, once they reached the right destination, the aliens that would detect them are most likely advanced and capable of decoding these signals and convert them into spoken languages.

This may seem too much work but Solomonides is not discouraged. The student strongly believes that we are not alone in the universe.

“We are on the third planet around a tediously boring star surrounded by other completely normal stars about two-thirds of the way along one of the several arms of a remarkably average spiral galaxy,” says Solomonides. “We are not in any special location in the universe, we should not be anything special in the universe.”