Aliens have also been involved in the recent Clinton campaign emails, as released by the website Wikileaks this month. It revealed the email exchanges between  Hillary Clinton‘s campaign chairman John Podesta and the astronaut Edgar Mitchell about an impending space war and zero-point energy from aliens.

“Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk,” wrote Mitchell, who died in February, to Podesta in 2015, RT reports.

Podesta was apparently US President Barack Obama’s counselor when the email exchange happened. The astronaut also told Podesta that there is a nonviolent alien species that wants to endow us humans with knowledge about zero-point energy.

However, Mitchell says that the aliens who want to share zero-point energy, which is theorized to allow us to travel to Mars within just days not years, will not tolerate any forms of military violence here on our planet and in space.

The emails released by Wikileaks also reveal that the Director of the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force, Terri Mansfield, is also involved in Mitchell’s emails. Mansfield was allegedly attending the meeting with Podesta to get updated about the Vatican’s awareness of ETI.

Mansfield, who stated that ETIs are the highest form of intelligence working directly with God, was referred to as Mitchell’s Catholic colleague in the emails. Mitchell also refers to himself as the sixth man to walk on the moon.

Podesta also mentioned in an interview with KLAS-TV earlier this year that he convinced Clinton to disclose the classified files regarding aliens. The Wall Street Journal reports that when Podesta left the Obama administration in 2015, he tweeted that his biggest failure was not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.