AlDub fans just cannot control their frenzied reactions whenever their favorite tandem performs a duet “dusmash,” exchange sweet glances or share a kiss through the split-screen.

In the last episode of the “Kalye Serye,” AlDub celebrated their 14th week of being together. And whenever AlDub share “aerial kisses” studio fans definitely die and scream their hearts out.

During the early weeks of AlDub, Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) became famous for her line, “sa tamang panahon” (“at the right time”). She would always use it whenever AlDub tried to go beyond what they were expected to do or act. Saying this line is Lola Nidora’s way of telling AlDub to restrain themselves. She has been consistently determined to hold them back and remind the pair that they have to keep things under control as it is not yet the right time.

For the fans, the big question now is: Will AlDub finally share a live kiss on their “Sa Tamang Panahon” (At The Right Time) event at the Philippine Arena?

Will Lola Nidora allow AlDub’s kiss without hesitation?

When the question was dropped during the October 22nd episode, Lola Nidora responded with, “Nasa kanila na ‘yun… Basta hindi niyo naman sisirain ang tiwala ko. Nasa sa inyo ‘yan.” (It’s up to them if they want to [kiss]… as long as you will never break my trust. It’s all up to you.)

Fans at the studio and on the streets screamed in jubilation upon hearing Lola Nidora’s response.

Both Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards seem eager to share the much-awaited AlDub kiss. Lola Nidora told Tinidora (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo) to give Yaya Dub tips on how a traditional Filipina should act and not easily agree to being kissed.

The “Sa Tamang Panahon” event will be on October 24, 2015, from 10 am to 3 pm (PH time) at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. It is expected that thousands of fans from all over the country will attend and flood the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to  get to the venue.

GMA News Online notes that NLEX authorities is already making necessary preparations such as adding additional lanes and manpower for the tollbooths in anticipation for the added traffic during the event. This is said to be the biggest gathering in the 36-years history of Philippines’ longest running noontime show “Eat Bulaga.”

With Lola Nidora’s implied permission for the live AlDub kiss on Saturday, it looks like AlDub fans will not be disappointed.