AlDub fans and viewers found out that there are still things to solve before AlDub can find the mysterious house.

In the October 27 episode of the “Kalye Serye,” Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) read in the diary that the key to the mysterious house was in a flower pot. But unfortunately, she had just instructed her housemaid to throw away all their pots in the garden to avoid mosquitoes from breeding in them.

Today’s episode opened with Tinidora (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo) and Tidora (played by Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros) leading the residents in a community clean-up.

A car honks and both Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) arrived; they are both looking very tired and are very dirty. According to Lola Nidora, they searched for the flower pot but were unlucky to find the one which contains the key.

Alden Richards then appeared on the other screen and saw that Yaya Dub’s face was dirty. He went closer and tried to remove the dirt from Yaya’s face. Alden kissed Yaya Dub through the split screen.

He told Yaya Dub that she would always be beautiful to him. The two exchanged “dubsmash” performances” while writing messages in their boards. Yaya Dub asked if Alden would still look at her if she were ugly. Alden’s response was that he would still kiss Yaya even if she had bad breath.

Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora asked help from Alden to find the mysterious garden pot. Thus, he immediately left the studio to look for it.

While Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora tried looking for the key in the garbage bags, Lola Nidora had a thought. It was written in the diary that the house has large windows, a door which points to the West, and when you enter it, there is photograph of a beautiful woman. She turned to her sisters and asked if the description sounded familiar.

In the other screen, Alden appeared carrying a pot and looked very dirty. He then asked Yaya Dub if she would still kiss him despite his appearance. The two kissed once more through the split screen. Lola Nidora cut them off and reminded them to restrain themselves a bit.

Lola Nidora went on to think about the house. Then, Tinidora and Tidora both agreed that they remember the house. They all shouted, “bahay ni lola!” (their grandmothers’ house)

Alden showed Lola Nidora the key which he found in the pot. Lola confirmed that it was indeed the key. But she wondered, where is that house?

A loud sound then signalled the end of the episode.

Will the grandmothers be able to recall the location of the said house? Stay tuned for more updates.