After their much-awaited “Sa Tamang Panahon” (At The Right Time) event last October 24, the phenomenal AlDub has opened a new chapter on the “Kalye Serye” with a big revelation.

Today’s episode opened with Tidora (played by Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros) being carried by her two bodyguards as she lip synched to a Mariah Carey song. Tinidora (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo) stole the scene as she performed her signature dance routine.

The two grandmothers thanked the AlDub nation for the successful event and mentioned the tight hug between Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) and Alden Richards last Saturday. The hug, according to them, made Lola Nidora’s (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) blood pressure rise.

Sa Tamang Panahon” event has surpassed recorded global tweets for Super Bowl XLIX in February 2015. For the event, 39.5 million tweets were recorded. Although the AlDub kiss did not happen, their tight hugs and overwhelming emotions left the fans extremely happy.

Yaya Dub appeared on the set dancing sans her signature apron. She revealed that she’s still giddy and wanted to hug Alden again.

Alden then appeared on the other screen and gave Yaya Dub a kiss through the split screen. The two continued serenading one another through their notable “dubsmash” songs. In between, they exchanged sweet glances and kisses on the split screen.

Alden thanked the two grandmothers and Maine. Yaya Dub said that Alden is a miracle in her heart and the hearts of AlDub fans. Alden then shouted, “this must be love!”

Meanwhile, Lola Nidora who was not yet on the set, was shown on a video while riding a helicopter from the Philippine Arena.

Someone rang Tidora; it was Lola Nidora saying that she is on her way to the set.

A loud honk was heard as Lola Nidora arrived. She said that she left something at the arena and had to go back.

She danced to a few songs and the sisters noticed that Lola Nidora has the diary which contains their family’s secrets.

She read that it was written in Paris, France in 1938 by their mother. Their mother met an old woman who gave a prophecy that she would bear three children and adopt one child. The adopted child would bear a baby girl, who is now Yaya Dub.

The said girl will go through a lot of challenges and will meet a man whose description aptly fits Alden Richards. She wrote further that they must visit a certain house on October 31, 2015 to know more about true love.

As Lola Nidora described the house, a loud sound signaled the end of the episode.

Where are they heading to? Stay tuned for more AlDub updates.