Fans and viewers of the phenomenal AlDub has surely rejoiced in today’s episode on the “Kalye Serye.”

The last episode dropped a major cliff hanger when Lola Nidora’s (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) phone call with Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was cut off. It appears that Yaya was crying during the conversation when the episode ended.

Today’s episode opened once again with Tinidora (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo) and her signature dance routine. She was joined by her bodyguards.

A loud honking sound was then heard. Tidora (played by Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros) finally arrived together with her bodyguards as well. She and Tinidora danced together.

Another car beeping sound cut off their dance. Lola Nidora came in her dance routine but Yaya Dub was not in sight.

Lola Nidora told her sisters that Yaya Dub was upset with the departure of her grandmother Isadora. Tinidora expressed how she’s worried for Yaya. Lola Nidora told them not to worry as Yaya Dub went to church.

Alden Richards then appeared on the other screen hoping he could see Yaya Dub this time. He wrote a message saying how much he misses Maine.

Lola Nidora assured him that Yaya Dub was in church and instead they talked about their big event at the Philippine Arena on Saturday.

Suddenly, a familiar music was heard and Yaya Dub was seen dancing. Alden joined Yaya Dub as he danced in the other screen.

The two exchanged cheesy lines and romantic glances on air.

Alden asked Yaya Dub, “How are you?” Yaya Dub replied that she’s okay and asked him back. Alden admitted that he’s now okay because Yaya Dub was back.

Yaya said that she realized that she missed Alden. Lola Nidora revealed her realization as well, saying she gets butterflies in her stomach whenever she sees AlDub.

Lola Nidora asked for some joint “dubsmash” performances from them and the two gladly performed. Alden then kissed Yaya Dub through the screen.

However, someone rang the phone of Lola Nidora. She answered it but revealed that no one was talking on the other end. Lola got worried because of the mysterious phone call and asked medicine from Yaya Dub.

Just when they returned talking about the details of Saturday’s event, two men riding a motorcycle tried to snatch the blue folder from Lola Nidora’s bag.

The grandmothers hurriedly ran after the men but a loud sound signalled the end of the episode.

What could be in the blue folder this time? Stay tuned for more AlDub updates.