For fans of the phenomenal AlDub, it was a bittersweet episode for the tandem’s thirteenth week celebration.

The last episode ended tearfully as Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was sent to the province by Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola).

Lola Nidora gave her pieces of advice to both Yaya Dub and Alden Richards to stay strong amidst the difficult situation. Alden promised Yaya Dub that he would wait for her.

Today’s episode (Oct 15) on the “Kalye Serye” opened with a loud noise of a car honking its horn.

Lola Nidora arrived with the Rogelios (her bodyguards) who are still wearing worn out clothes and still look bruised.

Tinidora (played by actor Jose Manalo) then arrived with her notable dance routine. She told Lola Nidora about how happy she was wearing their usual attire.

Lola Nidora became emotional as she recalled missing Yaya Dub.

The beeping sound was heard once again. Lola Nidora told her bodyguards to stay put and be alert.

Apparently, the horn came from a van. The door opened and Alden came down carrying a bouquet of roses for Yaya Dub and the “lolas” (grandmothers).

Today was Alden and Yaya Dub’s 13th weeksary. But despite Yaya Dub’s absence, Alden insisted to celebrate it with Yaya’s grandmothers.

He brought with him a small table with five chairs. Alden also brought a food cart with street food such as fish ball and “isaw” (chicken intestines).

Alden even brought drinks for them. They clinked their glasses as a toast to AlDub’s 13th week.

Lola Nidora told Alden her reminders when going on a date – to be a gentleman, have initiative and to always be alert of the surroundings.

Tinidora pretended to be Yaya Dub (wearing a mask) as Alden offered her a seat, table napkins, and a drink. The two even danced together.

Alden copied Yaya Dub as he was asked to sing and even did a few “dubsmash” performances to some songs and dialogues.

Lola Nidora admitted that Alden’s visit made them happy today. Lola shared how Alden was able to prove his sincerity to Yaya Dub and the grandmothers.

She challenged Alden to a rock-paper-scissors game. Lola Nidora promised that if Alden wins, she would give him a surprise. Alden was able to beat Lola Nidora.

Lola Nidora then held a blue folder from her bag but won’t open it unless Yaya Dub has come back.

While they were urging Lola to open the folder, someone rang the phone. Lola Nidora then gave the phone to Alden. However, a loud sound signalled the end of the episode.

Alden was caught still talking over the phone.

Was he talking to Yaya Dub? What was inside the blue folder? Stay tuned for more updates.