Maine Mendoza, also known as “Yaya Dub”, and fellow Filipino actor Alden Richards‘ phenomenal love team, “AlDub,” has definitely become a crowd favorite.

Maine’s funny facial expressions has made her famous not only in the “Kalye Serye” but worldwide.

We’ve listed 16 funny facts about our favorite “yaya.”

1. Her wacky self is her normal self.

Maine told GMA News Online  that she has always been known as the wacky one in the family and among her friends.

Uwi na si yaya dub

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2. She may be “Crazy” but she’s Sane.

She wrote in her blog,, that she’s just a normal teenager. She admitted that she is a sane person while she may not look like one at times. She just has this crazy side which she couldn’t hide!

3. Maine wanted to be a Chef!

She took up Culinary Arts at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde so that she could learn how to cook.

Forever love

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4. But the Truth is, she really wants to become an Actress!

Maine told GMA News Online that her friends and family were shocked when she joined Eat Bulaga. Being on television is her “secret ultimate dream.”

We are the people your parents warned you about #yayadub #donyanidora

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5. Her Funny Face is worth to 1 million views.

Her “Dubsmash” performances have gained more than 1 million views on Facebook.

6. She actually shot her famous videos while at work.

Before the AlDub phenomenon, Maine was helping their family business. During her free time, she would shoot her now-famous “Dubsmash” videos.

7. Her funny expressions come Naturally!

Maine admits to taking funny pictures of herself and posts them online.

8. Eat Bulaga fell in love with her Craziness. 

The longest running noontime show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga, saw her videos and called her in for an interview and VTR. The rest is history.

9. Upon hearing the news, Maine freaked out!

She counted down the days she will be introduced as “Yaya Dub” and even posted videos about it.

Look at the flick of deeez..

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10. Lip syncing on TV is a challenge for her.

No retakes, just live “dubsmash” after all.

11. Her “disgusting” looks are enough acting experience

Maine told GMA News Online that she has no acting workshops, just her “disgusting” look and expressions on Dubsmash.

12. She loves being a “Yaya!”

When she tweets or posts something online, she even calls herself “Yaya.”

13. Maine loves shopping…but not in shops.

She’s a fan of online shopping, according to

Tama yan, smile lang!

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14. She likes to wear disguises in public.

She wore this when she attended a concert in Manila.

15. She doesn’t let fame get in her head. 

Like Alden, she never forgets to thank her fans!

16. She loves to eat! shares that Maine is a fan of Ramen noodles. With her physique, where does she hide the pounds?