There is a huge confusion on Alaskan Bush People’s upcoming season. A few sources say it is the sixth season of the TV reality show, whereas a few others conclude the next is the fourth one. So which is the next one? If you are feeling clueless about the upcoming season of  the popular series, here is the truth.

What led to this confusion?

Discovery is currently airing Season 3 re-runs, which led to the whole misunderstanding.  The information can be verified by visiting the Alaskan Bush People homepage on Discovery Channel’s official website. The homepage has each episode on video in complete sequence from first to fifth season. One can easily look through the episodes and find out the true sequence. According to the page, the last aired season of Alaskan Bush People was Season 5. Hence, the much anticipated next season would be the sixth installment of the series.

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These days, confusion exists among many relevant sources covering the updates of Alaskan Bush People. Even the Google search result for the term ‘Alaskan Bush People Seasons’ provides some confusing result. As per search results, the last aired episode was Episode 21 titled Made in the Wild on July 29 from the third season of the show.

Have a look:

Alaskan Bush PeopleIshi Ray | Australia Network News

Alaskan Bush People Seasons Google Search

However, Blasting News dug deeper into the theory and cross-checked things at the source.

Even the Facebook page of the reality show talks about Season 6. Fans are being asked to stay tuned to Alaskan Bush People Season 5 to learn more about this bushy family. The last updated post on the page (August 20) was captioned ‘Catch up on Season 5 or re-watch your favorite episodes’.

Alaskan Bush People : Updated Cover Photo

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The cover page has also been updated. It might not be easy for the fans to detect the difference, but thanks to this online social news magazine that pointed out the difference, it was found that ‘the birds in the cover photo changed position a bit, but the family pose is the same’.

The bottomline is that the approaching season of Alaskan Bush People is Season 6. The channel is yet to confirm an official release date for the next installment.