Although there are numerous cancellation rumors floating around the Internet, from the social media updates, it looks like the filming of Alaskan Bush People Season 6 is underway. If the show is coming back for real, Matt Brown might take center stage in the upcoming installment.

The eldest Brown boy dealt with alcoholism in the last season. Later, he was sent to a rehab for treatment. In the process, he extended his stay as well.  However, he never went completely missing from the scene. On and off, Matt Brown has provided health updates. He let his fans know about his whereabouts through his social media posts. His updates revealed that he has recovered and is out of the rehab now. In fact, his photos showed him in a much-improved condition. Matt has surprised his fans with a new shorter hairstyle. No doubt, the reality star is looking handsome even without his signature hairstyle.

Matt Brown taking the center stage!

Sometimes, shifting the focus from a mainstay helps to keep the viewers engaged. Up until now, Billy Brown has been the prime focus on the reality series. In fact, we saw how he was brought up on misdemeanor charges. His unlawful deeds have brought down the show’s ratings overnight. Therefore, Alaskan Bush people Season 6 needs to shift focus away from the Brown patriarch for a moment. Settling on Matt confronting his inner demons would give a chance for the show to earn some positive feedback.

Moreover, the fans are eager to know about Matt Brown’s story. His experience at the rehab will be an interesting piece to watch. If Matt Brown shares his side of story in Alaskan Bush People Season 6, the reality show might earn some sympathy as well as positive remarks. We might also get to watch a special footage of Matt’s stay at the rehab.

For a long time, there has been an ongoing debate among the fans surrounding the genuineness of the Brown family . The so-called bushy people now have a dubious reputation. The only way to recover the damage is to change the direction of the story. Hence, it can be expected that Matt Brown’s story in Alaskan Bush People Season 6 will be a perfect addition.