Are you still wondering whether or not Alaskan Bush People Season 4 is canceled? The answer is NO. The show is very much in and it is coming back really soon, claims Matt Brown.

Alaskan Bush People cancellation rumors are rife. While there are many stories attached to it, Brown brood Matt Brown recently handed out some solid news about it. We guess it is enough for the die-hard fans to make whoopee. Teasing the fans, the 33-year-old dropped quite a bombshell, confirming that Alaskan Bush People Season 4 is already on the cards. The possible return date is in November 2016. Matt took things to his Facebook page and gave the fans surety that their favorite reality show is returning to the small screens in early November.

He conveyed:

“Looks like Discovery channel is getting us ready for the new season. The return date hasn’t been announced yet but we have been hearing early November,” PH reports.

However, the channel remains tight-lipped as to when the show is coming back.

Matt Brown, the eldest of Ami and Billy Brown, has been a fan-favorite character from the show. Even controversies could not deter his fans from loving him. The latest debate surrounding Matt Brown has blown up on social media, and it’s about his alcoholism. We saw the show addressing the issue in the previous season and Matt was sent to a rehab for treatment.  A few days back, Matt posted some photographs to assure his fans that he has recovered from the crisis and is doing fine. Now that he is back to his old form, we can expect a major part of Alaskan Bush People Season 4 will focus on Matt’s post-recovery life.

Apart from that, what can we expect from the next season?

Besides Matt Brown, there are many things that a fan can root for in Alaskan Bush People Season 4.

  • Joshua aka Bam Bam Brown’s new relationship with producer Allison Kagan. There were reports that the Brown boy has frequently been seen with her. The reasons here are certainly not professional since both were found hanging out at a bar in the Big Apple. It looks like romance is in the air!
  • One can also expect the Wolfpack will soon get a clean chit on monetary controversies in Alaskan Bush People Season 4.

What’s more? Well, to find out, we have to wait until the show returns to television screens.