Friday, September 30, 2016

Alaskan Bush People News: Heartbreaking Truth Exposed!

Alaskan Bush People News: Heartbreaking Truth Exposed!


For a long time now, there has been an ongoing debate among fans about the reality of the Brown family featured in the Alaskan Bush People.  Last week, we highlighted the fans’ doubts on the bushiness of the family. However, there is a recent update that may come as a shocking blow to many as the revelation has some heartbreaking truth attached to it.

Here are some lesser known facts about the Alaskan Bush People.

How Billy and Ami’s story began:

Billy lost his parents and sister at the age of 16. He was a native of a Fort Worth suburb in Texas.  The traumatic experience shattered the young Billy, who was previously living an affluent life.

Ami was also a Texas resident. She fell in love with Billy and married him in 1979. However, the initial four years of their married life were full of explorations until they bumped into the Alaskan wilderness in 1983. The young pair realized that they were looking for something other than a life in the suburbs. The Alaskan wilds then became their home.

Inception of the WolfPack:

Young Billy and Ami Brown started to learn the survival strategy in an environment that is completely different from their urban lifestyle. Their infant sons Matt, 3, and Joshua, 1, also became part of that learning.  After 18 months, the Brown family mastered the skills and grew to what Alaskan Bush People fans know as the Wolfpack. Alongside their parents, today, the family’s seven children including Matt, 33, Joshua, 31, Bear, 28, Gabe, 25, Noah, 23, Snowbird, 21, and  Rain, 12,  share with viewers how the life is in the wild.

Billy’s Story on his books:

Long before the Alaskan Bush People TV reality, Billy Brown had garnered a swathe of fans through his book called One Wave at a Time in 2007.  The book shared his traumatic experiences in his young life after he lost his parents.  It also shed light on his feelings as husband and a new dad. Billy also described the challenges of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness.  Due to its realistic approach, the book became a hit. Many readers contacted Billy and praised his struggle. It was a major break for the family, which improved their financial condition drastically.

The success of his first book drove Billy Brown to go ahead with his second book named The Lost Years in 2009. However, it was not as successful as his first book. When Billy was approached by Discovery Channel to turn his life into a reality TV series, there was no hesitation for the Brown family paterfamilias.

Bushy people’s wealth addiction:

This part of the Alaskan Bush People made the world wonder about their genuineness.  When money comes in at the door, innocence and simplicity fly out the window. This is exactly what happened here. Even though the channel compensated the family with a hefty amount, Billy’s need for money could not be tamped down. When Alaskan residents received funds for their oil pipeline, the Brown family claimed part of their share even though they actually were not residing in Alaska between 2009 and 2012. Undoubtedly, Billy Brown’s definition of home has changed in the last 33 years.

Matt’s confession:

Matt Brown has been through a lot because of his addiction.  He has spent 35 days of rehab and now it’s time for his homecoming.   The young felowa expressed in his heartbreaking interview with People, “ In life, we all get lost every now and then and have to find our way back.” Has he gotten his inspiration from his dad? Billy’s book (2007) described his life in Alaska was a way of running away “from the emptiness left by his childhood loss.”

Do you think these new revelations  have opened a new side to this bushy family? Share your views on Alaskan Bush People in the comment box below.

  • gayle davis

    I love the show and will always watch it every time it’s on. If I’m busy I’m taping it. I now must read Billy’s book. Ya know I read many of the negative comments about the family and the show and it’s very upsetting. First of all SHOW, what does that mean? Even if it were based on a true story not every single thing is based on 100% fact. Then there’s the funds received and issues with receipts. OK, how many folks out there keep every single record you MIGHT ever need? This family have had boats sink, they have had their home destroyed by bears, they have been run off their land by unknowns and they had fires by government and others. Really folks ….. I’m old enough to know that they don’t do this show absolutely free. But at the same time I truly believe they are genuine with their love for family and the bush. I hate the loss of Billy and Ami’s family in their lives but it’s their life not ours. Billy’s daughter of his life before Ami has a life and a child that have roots elsewhere but now Billy has contact, again that’s their story and they have a right what not to bring to light. Ami is an amazing lady, I would love to know her. I envy her life in the bush she is a lucky wife and mother.

    • bjw

      I’m a big fan and I record every episode. They have the most real reality show our there.

    • Karen Fronterhouse

      I agree. Well put. A lot of people have more than one home. If I owned land there I would come back to my Texas home in the winter. Nothing wrong with it. And none of any viewers business, right? If folks don’t like it just shut up and don’t watch it.

  • James Arket

    Show is a crock. Why anyone would think it was even remotely real is a fool.

    • Karen Fronterhouse

      If you don’t like it go else where. Negativity is useless.

      • Robin Martz

        I mean unless there’s blatant child neglect and thievery from the good state of Alaska! THEN ppl can say whatever they want to Karen!!

    • Robin Martz

      James, you go right ahead and say whatever you like! This is still a free country and we can say whatever we like!

  • Karen Fronterhouse

    I agree. Well put.

  • James Ganje

    mr.Billy Brown,why not take whatever youve earned and buy that land and make Browntown real? im sure it would become a thriving place when i was young thats what i wanted,born onto alcholism,abuse my childhood was worth runniing from but at 17 i was in a car accident and was paralyzed by a broken neck thus doomed my dreams of living free in the wilds.too see you doing that just filled me heart i hope you really do something and not waste this chance the money always goes away intrest is lost etc so get it ,if i was ever extended a invitation to live in Browntown i would sell and be there.By Miracles i am able to many things now,.i see what is reality and hope you use it wisely Best of Luck and God Bless you and your Family….James

    • Robin Martz

      He can’t BUY that “Brown town” land because it’s not THIERS to buy! That island is inhabited by lots of ppl!

      • James Ganje

        refer to above comment..

  • neuman neauman

    How come the boys can afford tattoos but there is no money for a dentist? These people are making TV type money and they can’t afford to fix their daughters teeth.

    • Robin Martz

      Oh but AMI got false teeth! Child neglect at its finest!

      • neuman neauman

        Yeah, someone else gets it.