Monday, September 26, 2016

Alaskan Bush People Cancelled: Matt Brown’s Alcohol Addiction Blamed?

Alaskan Bush People Cancelled: Matt Brown’s Alcohol Addiction Blamed?


The last season of Discovery reality show Alaskan Bush People has left the viewers pondering a cliff-hanger ending. However, the latest buzz reveals the channel is not considering the show for a new season renewal. Moreover, it has been highly speculated that Matt Brown’s alcohol addiction might be one of the prime reasons why the Alaskan Bush People is set to be cancelled.

The last season of Alaskan Bush People highlighted the Brown family’s ongoing health issues, beginning with the return of Billy Brown from medical treatment to Matt Brown’s visit to rehab. Matt’s alcohol issue has pulled quite a lot of attention in the fourth season of Alaskan Bush People. Unfortunately, it received very many negative feedback as well.  There are talks that his alcohol addiction might have affected the show’s future in a substantial way.

Matt Brown’s occasional confessions about his struggle to deal with his addiction could not really add extra points to the viewership of the show. He even admitted that he was forced to stay away from Alaskan Bush People as well as his family and get treated for his alcohol abuse. Although there were also rumors that Alaskan Bush People will continue without their eldest, a broken Wolfpack might not be a great idea to run the show.

The genuineness of these wild people has always been debated. Many believe that their bushiness, ways of survival and simple lifestyle could be just part of a publicity stunt. There have been serious accusations of fraud over the course of the last season, which might have affected the viewership. A report by a relevant source says Discovery’s new chief Rich Ross is willing to do away with the reality series that were fake.

Apart from that, the last season also showed the legal complications of Alaskan Bush People. They were convicted of stealing money in oil revenue from Alaska. A plea agreement was made in order to keep the other family members of the Browns out of jail.  Now that the viewers have almost lost faith in the Brown family members, it is tough to run the show for long.  As a result, when compared to previous installments, it suffered serious rating dip and might not be able to recover, says Premiere Date.

Thus far, there is no official word from Discovery on the renewal of Alaskan Bush People. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Linda Jean was crap…all the lies ..cabin built by locals not Browns, land owned by Mayors’ relatives not Browns, Integrity leased by DC not owned by Brown’s, they lived in lodge in town when filming and moved elsewhere between seasons..allverified by locals, supposed girls they dated all paid by DC. etc etc etc

  • BigDan57

    Show is a total fraud, fabrication, what have you. All based on billy’s work of fiction, book
    One wave at a time. These clowns couldn’t survive a week on their own in the bush up
    here. Whole show is a slap in the face of all Alaskan’s, especially those that really do
    live off the grid up here, and there are many..

    • Scott

      I don’t get this Alaskans slap in the face? Sounds like you’re insecure?! Look at all of the shows that come out of the lower 48 do you hear us say it’s a slap in the face to our way of life?! NO because it’s a stupid comment! This is one of the only shows you can sit down and watch with the whole family! You also don’t hear beep beep beep throughout the entire show because there’s no bad language to block out! Some people may complain about the show but their tuned in every night it’s on. There’s a hand full of people that complain about the show on facebook. In the past I’ve ask why do you watch? They all say the same, because it’s entertaining!