The Aladdin live action movie reportedly signed up Guy Ritchie to direct it. However, would the movie undergo whitewashing or stay true to its cultural representation?

Disney Studios is doing well with its plan for live action remakes of its beloved animated classics. To date, fans already anticipate the premiere of Beauty and the Beast featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. Excitement is also high for Cruella especially since it cast Emma Stone in the lead role, thus the curiosity over how the redhead beauty would look in de Vil’s signature black and white hairdo.

This time around, plans for the Aladdin live action remake are underway. The 1992 animated classic became a hit with moviegoers owing to its musical score. Moreover, the late Robin Williams played a major role in boosting the film’s popularity owing to his larger-than-life voice acting.

Disney Studios hinted early on about its non-traditional take on the Aladdin live action movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This could possibly explain the choice of Guy Ritchie as the movie’s likely director. Ritchie is best known for his high-action, thriller films like Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and of course, the Sherlock Holmes franchise featuring Robert Downey, Jr.

Aladdin live action movie different from animated flick?

Yet how would the new take affect casting? Would Aladdin fall prey to whitewashing? Fans have yet to get over the recent rumor surrounding the live action Mulan, which supposedly features a European trader. The new character is certainly not part of the original Disney animated classic, hence the call of fans to stay true to the story.

The Angry Asian Man blog posted an open letter to the creators. The post took aim at spec script reportedly for the live action Mulan. Would the Aladdin live action movie suffer the same fate? Or will it indeed be different?