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African-American Man with 3 ID’s Denied to Vote: Federal Court Takes his Side

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An African American man with 3 different variations of his name in his IDs was denied to vote in Wisconsin. The man, Eddie Lee Hollaway Jr. has his name as Eddie Junior Hollaway and as a result he is denied voting in Wisconsin. But the Federal court takes Eddie’s side.

The Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) employees told him that his birth certificate is unacceptable as ID, because in it his name is written as “Eddie Junior Hollaway”, stated American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Fifty-eight-year-old Holloway moved from Illinois to Wisconsin in 2008 and voted without problems until Wisconsin’s voter-ID law was passed in 2011.

ACLU in it statement said, “It doesn’t matter to the DMV that his father’s name — “Eddie Lee Holloway” — is printed on his birth certificate, and that Eddie has a Social Security Card and an expired Illinois photo ID both bearing the name “Eddie L Holloway Jr”.

Holloway, was a cook by profession but now he is unemployed and disabled. He lives in Milwaukee and went downtown to the Vital Record System to try to correct the clerical error in his birth certificate, reported The Nation. However, Vital Records stated that he had to pay $400 to$600 to fix the error. He then called Illinois Vital Record System and they urged him to go there personally.

When Holloway went to Illinois Vital Record Division he was asked to produce a copy of his high-school and vaccination records. He went back to his home town and brought the records. Next they asked him for his full social security statement which he failed to produce as he didn’t have it. Consequently he left Illinois without the documents crucial for voting and that was after spending $261 (US$200) and his valuable time.

Following the incident ACLU challenged the state’s voter ID law in court. The federal court asked district court judge Lynn Adelman to re-examine the law. Noteworthy, Governor Scott Walker in April 5 primary said that the strict law was “Just fine.”

In Wisconsin primary result Ted Cruz won 50.8 percent votes and 24 delegates.

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