AFL Player Albert Proud to Face Long Imprisonment for Bashing Girlfriend

Although former Brisbane Lions AFL player Albert Proud is now free from attempt to murder charges, he is still subject to face long term imprisonment for bashing his girlfriend.

Proud was pronounced guilty in the Holland Park Magistrates Court in Brisbane on Thursday for bodily harm and damaging wildlife. In November 2015, he bashed and beat his ex-girlfriend Richelle Kadadi so hard outside her Sunnybank house after which she suffered severe brain damage.

According to AAP reports, Proud is due to be sentenced in the District Court of Brisbane on a date to be set soon. Earlier, the player was suspected for attempted murder along with bodily harm but due to lack of evidence produced in the court, Proud was freed from intentional murder attempt. However, the charges of bodily harm still sustained.

Proud’s lawyer Kris Jahnke applied for his bail on Thursday. The lawyer argued the suspect had to find treatment to cure substance and alcohol abuse problems for which he required bail. “If he’s released on bail, he has a better chance to seek the help he clearly needs,” Courier Mail quoted Jahnke as saying.

Acting Magistrate Robert Walker supported police prosecutor Sergeant Atul Bharadwaj who claimed the suspect’s criminal record. The acting magistrate said that if he gets a chance to go outside the jail, he might try to reoffend and hence it will be safe to keep him under custody.

“Any risk that the defendant may be motivated in a similar way against the complainant if granted bail would be unacceptable,” Walker said. “My view in that regard is strengthened … (by) the fact that he’s been committed to sentence and is likely to receive a term of imprisonment in excess of the time that he will spend on remand.”

Instead, Walker advocated to providing Proud proper rehabilitation programs inside the prison.

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