‘AFL Footy Show’ New Host Rebecca Maddern Excited Despite Criticisms

Rebecca Maddern

Rebecca Maddern has taken over from Gary Lyon as the new host for Nine’s “AFL Footy Show.” The decision to have Maddern in the host’s chair has received mixed reactions. Though Lyon himself is pleased, a section of fans believes that women have no place in this show. Maddern is excited to make her debut on Thursday despite the backlash.

Maddern reveals that she is overwhelmed by her new assignment and is eager to bring in a female perspective to the show, states 9 News. The news reader has been subjected to a barrage of criticism from the show’s viewers. However, Rebecca Maddern stays undeterred.

While speaking to “A Current Affair,” she revealed that the comments are interesting because of their timing. They come before Rebecca Maddern makes her debut. “I’ve been really overwhelmed, first and foremost, by the positive reaction. I’ve been on TV for 13 and a half years now, so I’ve seen it all before,” Maddern told the show. “I haven’t been on the Footy Show yet, so some of those comments are quite interesting because they think I’m going to do a terrible job when they haven’t actually even seen me on the show yet,” she added.

Maddern’s appointment comes after the previous co-host, Gary Lyon, left the show to seek treatment for his depression, informs Daily Mail. While Maddern herself has not had a chance to speak to Lyon, her co-stars have told her that Lyon is very happy for her.

ABC News states that it is not just the fans but also her co-host Sam Newman, who has time and again drawn flak for his racist and sexist behaviour. “I think they’ve acknowledged that in the past they have overstepped the mark, so I can’t guarantee that won’t happen again,” she told 774 ABC Melbourne.

“I haven’t actually been onto the Facebook page, it doesn’t bother me if I didn’t have thick skin I wouldn’t have probably survived in media for this long … let them write what they write, if they don’t want to watch the show, they don’t have to,” she added.

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