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Afghans Killed & Wounded ‘Reaches Record High’


The number of Afghans killed and wounded has reached record high for 2015 in Afghanistan, the UN mission in the country reported. United Nation’s annual report shows that 3,545 Afghans lost their lives while 7,457  were wounded.  Children and women casualties have the highest number recorded.

The head of the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, Nicholas Haysom said, “the harm done to civilians is totally unacceptable.”

He said, “We call on those inflicting this pain on the people of Afghanistan to take concrete action to protect civilians and put a stop to the killing and maiming of civilians in 2016.”

The war between western-backed government forces and insurgent groups claimed more civilian life than ever. The fighting in Kunduz and the series of suicide bombings in Kabul last year are the main factors behind the rise.

Danielle Bell, the UN’s director of human rights in Afghanistan commented, “”Unprecedented numbers of children were needlessly killed and injured last year. Other children suffered the loss of parents … one in 10 casualties was a woman.”

The report also said that casualties among  women rose to 37 percent and children fatalities increased 14 percent, stated Reuters. The most vulnerable areas are Northern and Southern Afghanistan, as Taliban and other insurgent groups increased attacks on government installation and foreign forces in these areas.

Afghan Government, on the other hand, said that UN’s report did not exactly mention how many Afghans were killed in suicide attacks. Although, the report’s statistics covered the whole country, it only focused on “high-conflict areas.”

According to BBC the report also mentioned that anti-government forces are using more and more strategies to cause harm to Afghans and to do so these forces are extensively using pressure-plate-triggered improvised explosive device (IEDs).

However, Taliban called the entire report “one-sided” and “biased”. A statement they released said, “we reject the one-sided UN report. We interpret this report to be biased, and a propaganda which was demonstrated by the invaders.”

In January a cop killed his colleagues to help Taliban steal weapons and ammunition, which drew attention of the world to  insider attack, one of the pertinent problems faced by the country.

In yet another incident a motor cycle riding Taliban suicide bomber killed 6 US soldiers near Kabul in December last year.

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