Mohammed Al-Mulhem and Dldar Sedo have explained the way they handed over a suspected paedophile to police officers.They allegedly caught him, while he was trying to strip a seven-year-old girl.

The two Syrian refugees marched the suspect towards police after he allegedly tried to rape the child. They heard when the girl’s father shouted. “He’s trying to rape my daughter,” the father screamed.

The two Syrian refugees belonged to the Idomeni migrant camp in Greece. They ran into the woods and came across the man – an Afghan refugee – trying to undress a the young girl.

The man was taken to the Greek police officers and was then arrested. “The Afghan man took her behind the toilets and then she started to scream. I ran over and saw that he was trying to remove her t-shirt and trousers. I grabbed him and started kicking him,” Al-Ali said.

According to Mirror, Sedo stated that the people wanted to kill the paedophile but he stopped them. He said that it was not their job to kill him.

Other migrants tried to beat the suspect as they made their one-mile journey through the camp. “We are in a civilised country and we need to let the police take care of this,” he said.

The two Syrian refugees were photographed while they were taking the paedophile to the police.

In the other part of the world, Australians are gathering in rallies to support refugees, who have been detained.They are currently being held at PNG and Nauru under the federal government’s refugee policy.

Rallies are taking place throughout the country. Garema Place in Canberra, Melbourne’s State Library, Queens Park in Brisbane and Adelaide’s Parliament House are witnessing support marches.

It was just last month, when Australians joined in a huge rally in Melbourne with more than 6,000 people. They called the the Australian government to cease the deportation of 267 refugees back to Nauru, says Business Insider.