Kim Kardashian’s breast against Adele’s Hello is one of the most unlikeliest tinsel town comparisons. Yet, Kanye West has found another metaphor for his wife’s penchant for nude selfies.

Posing for a magazine’s front cover, Kanye West likened his wife’s Instagram posts to Adele singing. Kanye West said his wife, Kim Kardashian treats her hourglass figure like Adele views her vocal skills. To be fair, even Adele did a Kim Kardashian in her own way last year.

The Kim Kardashian Moment for Adele

Last year, Adele went back to the music industry with a tongue-in-cheek Hello single. Adele’s Hello broke the Billboard record with 1.11 million sales and Vevo record for the most number of streams at 27.7 million in a week. The Hello single was her first single in almost five years.

The Adele Moment for Kim Kardashian

Meanwhile, Kanye West views Kim Kardashian’s selfies as natural to his wife as singing is to Adele’s. Kim Kardashian has never shied away from baring her body and showing it to the public. From the controversial sex video that launched her into the public’s eye to her no-holds barred cover that broke the internet to her controversial censored selfies, Kim has shared her body’s nude images with the public. Even sharing a selfie of her pregnant body, Kim Kardashian does not view it as anything other than self-expression. Even her arts student husband finds it as art.

Adele’s Hello vs Kim Kardashian’s Breast

If anything, Kim’s nude selfies attract just as much attention as Adele’s songs.

Explaining her nude selfies, Kim Kardashian says she’s never done the posts to show power. She has always put her body on display to advocate pride and comfort in one’s own skin. And Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who has always embraced her own skin.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she has admitted that she is sometimes insecure with how she looks fat sometimes. However, in her Instagram shots, she has always pioneered for being comfortable in one’s own skin. Thus, the no-holds barred nude selfies.

That’s Kim Kardashian for you. If you want to stop seeing Kim Kardashian’s breast or rear, you might as well do away with Adele’s singing voice, too.