Adele New Album 2015: Sia Turns Down Adele’s Offer for ‘Alive’?


The long wait that Adele fans went through since her Grammy winning album “21” could possibly come to an end, as her new album is rumored to unleash on Nov 20.

According to Hits Daily Double, the 27-year-old singer has signed a $50m deal with Sony will have three more albums with Columbia. She also has four TV assignments with NBC, just in time for her album release.

While fans are still building up conjectures on which lines Adele’s new album might be on, Kelly Clarkson has revealed a hint about the forthcoming album during an interview with Wall street Journal.

Clarkson revealed, “Adele I heard is doing something more country influenced with this next record – the more artists do that, the more open-minded people get and the less formulaic it will sound.”


Notably, artist Sia recently revealed that Adele wanted to have her song “Alive”, probably as one of the tracks for her new album reportedly titled, “25,” reports NME.

The 39-year-old singer had initially offered the track to Rihanna, but the Barbados beauty turned it down.

“What’s funny is that I wrote this one song and gave it to Rihanna and I had seller’s remorse because I was attached to it, i regretted it,” Sia revealed of her song “Alive”.

“Then she gave it back to me and I was relieved.”

Adele offered one million dollars for the same song, but later cut it from her upcoming album.

“Then Adele heard it and asked if she could have it. I thought ‘Do I like it, or do I like a million dollars? She cut it and it was so amazing. I’m a huge fan of her voice.”

With her last album, “21”, Adele had bagged six Grammies and sold over 11 million copies in the US alone. She has reached a phenomenal benchmark with every new release and now waiting to set the world ablaze with her forthcoming venture, “25”.


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