Adele New Album 2015: New Song Released on ‘X Factor’ – Listen Here


Adele has teased a song to her fans who can no longer wait for her return.

The British singer’s newest album, “25”, is set for release this November. Fans of Adele have longed for her comeback after her hiatus since 2011.

Based on reports, the track list would be different from her usual songs. Some say there won’t be any tear-jerker songs, while singer Kelly Clarkson claims that there is a country song included in the album.

Sources also mention that it would be an “epic” release as some artists have been reported to move their release dates to avoid clash with the “Someone Like You” singer.

With the updates, fans have been so excited to hear Adele’s latest music and have been sharing their excitement online. And it looks like Adele is listening to them as she seemingly dropped a teaser as well as some lyrics from her latest single on British television.

The Guardian notes that during a break on “The X Factor,” a 30-second clip featured a black screen with viewers hearing a voice singing which is recognized to be Adele’s.

The lyrics of the song then flashed on the screen:

“Hello/It’s me/I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet/To go over everything.”

“They say that time’s supposed to heal ya/But I ain’t done much healing…”

Watch the short advert teaser here:

The clip was purely as teaser. There were no album details on the snippet and according to BBC, “her [Adele] spokesperson declined to comment.”

After the advertisement was broadcasted, popular rock band One Republic posted a tweet.

Despite the clip being short and simple, fans of Adele were giddy to hear the short teaser. They posted their thoughts on how much they have missed Adele!


The award-winning British Singer has not made any comments.

Could that be the lyrics from Adele’s latest single? We can’t wait for November!

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