British Singer Adele will have an “epic” comeback release before the year ends.

On November 20, the “Someone Like You” singer will be releasing her third album entitled, “25.”

Fans have been awaiting for her return following her absence in the music industry since 2011. It was reported that Adele’s hiatus was to spend more time with her son.

Likewise, Adele won’t be the only one releasing a new album on the said month. It was reported that Justin Bieber and One Direction will also be joining her. reports that Adele “is said to be reappearing with a bang.” Some artists have been reported to move their album release dates to avoid clash with the British Singer’s new album.

“For example, Little Mix and Sam Smith‘s records will be available to purchase in early November to avoid clashing with Adele’s moment,” the site mentions.

Inquisitr reports that Smith “claims he’s intentionally waiting a bit before cranking out more songs.” He promised his fans of a new album next year.

Meanwhile, Channel 24 reports that an insider from the music industry told “The Sun” newspaper about Adele’s “epic” album release.

The insider said, “The major labels have realised it’s essential they get out any big releases before then because from November 20, it’s very likely to be about one woman only.”

Other artists have scheduled their release date ahead of November 20 to avoid a “chart battle” with Adele.

“That’s why Justin Bieber, Kylie Minogue and 1D are going head-to-head the week before – usually the record companies would want a No.1 album with artists that big but in this case they simply want to get the album out there before Adele,” the source added.

Some musicians were also advised to release their albums next year, as mentioned on Singer Beyonce might even shock her fans again the way she released an album in 2013 with no promotion.

Are you excited for Adele’s album? How epic could it be? Stay tuned for more updates.