A sinkhole in the Adelaide foothills has swallowed a young couple’s car on Tuesday. The passengers of the car, a small Suzuki 4WD, were shocked and shaken but were not hurt or injured by the incident.

The young couple travelled into the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges to admire the Adelaide lights. When the driver attempted a U-turn on Sunnyside Road at Glen Osmond at around 10:40 PM, the ground opened, causing a sinkhole that measured 3 meters by 3 meters wide and 3 meters deep. The sinkhole opened above an old lead and silver mine shaft, which was actually among the first mines in the country in 1841.

Local resident  Helen Behrens says that the couple removed some of their possessions from the car, which she cleaned. Behrens offered the shaken couple tea.


They called the authorities, including the police, the State Emergency Service and the City of Burnside Council workers. However, they could not do anything at all at the time and nearby trees and powerlines could cause also problems during recovery so they decided to leave the car in the sinkhole overnight.

The authorities then went on the site on Wednesday and were looking to use a crane to lift the car, which actually belonged to the couple’s friend. They said they were going to cut down a tree to give space for the vehicle’s removal.

Resident  Neville Sharpe saw that the couple had minor bruises while trying to get out of their friend’s car. Sharpe adds that an old mine shaft ran below the area and the smaller hole has been filled by the council. Sharpe believes that the rain had softened the material underneath, causing it to collapse.

Sharpe says that another hole also opened a week ago, which is just 10 meters away from the car.