The High Court has ruled that the Adelaide boys school Prince Alfred College was not involved in the sexual abuse incident as claimed and suspected earlier.

The court has given its verdict in which it stated that the school did not play any role in the child abuse matter where one of its boarders was sexually exploited by a teacher in the 1960s. Earlier reports indicated that Dean Rollo Bain, the master of the boarding house at Prince Alfred College, physically assaulted several boys, one of which was the victim who raised his voice.

As soon as the school was made aware of the incident, it sacked him without involving police into the matter. There is evidence that proved that Bain had already been in prison twice for his indecent behavior towards the boys in 2007 and 2009.

The child abuse victim, in this case, alleged that the school employed a convicted pedophile, breaching the duty of care that it was supposed to fulfill. The boy raised his voice against the parameters based on which Bain was appointed as the master of the boarding school.

He blamed the school for the careless scrutiny of the portfolios that led to the appointment of a sex abuse convict. The school hired the pedophile without doing adequate background checks, the ABC stated.

Where a South Australian court found the Adelaide boys school responsible for the indecent behavior of the teacher towards the students, the High Court dismissed the earlier verdict and stated that there was no involvement of the school in the matter. The court’s ruling came out on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a separate inquiry set to look up the case of late Rochdale Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who reportedly abused a total of 29 people sexually, has come to an end. According to the Sky News, there will be no investigation of the reported incident against the deceased MP.

“These cases will not be taken further as the Crown Prosecution Service does not make hypothetical charging decisions in respect of suspects that are now deceased,” the Greater Manchester Police said in a statement while referring to the claims made by the victims.