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This is Acting: Album Review


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Sia Furler, a 40 year old Australian superstar who had a smash hit “Chandelier”, became known as the face behind a blonde shaggy wig. Her 2006 song “Breathe me” was featured in the series finale of ‘Six Feet Under’ and before her fame set in, she helped write a song with internationally recognised DJ David Guetta called “Titanium”. In 2016, she released her seventh album called “This is Acting“.

This album is easily taken as an autobiography with every song she wrote for this album. We know that her life has not always been looking up as in her early 20’s, her boyfriend died in a tragic car accident, which sent her on a downward spiral to bipolar disorder. We also know later in that exact decade, she was not making a lot of music but falling into the abuse of drugs and alcohol to numb her busy tour schedule. The more we hear about Sia’s backstory, we become more interested in her music and over analyse what her songs on this album are about.

She reached out to Adele and Rihanna to co-write with her but she did not have any luck. She was rejected twice by the internationally recognised singers, her plan then was to write 11 songs by herself, but gained help from Kanye West.

The song “Reaper” was co-written by Kanye West and originally intended for Rihanna’s eighth album, Anti. The song has an upbeat tone to it, regardless of the lyrics being quite gloomy. The song follows along her backstory and how she has made it through the other end, more positive and well-known than when she was abusing substances.

I got good things to do with my life, yeah Oh, I wanna dance in the open breeze. Feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing. I got good things to feel in my life, yeah” – Sia

Sia is very honest in her lyrics, some can relate and some can only imagine what she is going through. That is the reason why we love the music she produces. With David Bowie’s death, this is what made us realise how amazing theater and constructed pop, fit together like a puzzle piece. Well done Furler, we will be seeing a lot more of your music in the top 10 charts soon.

This Is Acting Track List:

1. “Bird Set Free”
2. “Alive”
3. “One Million Bullets”
4. “Move Your Body”
5. “Unstoppable”
6. “Cheap Thrills”
7. “Reaper”
8. “House on Fire”
9. “Footprints”
10. “Sweet Design”
11. “Broken Glass”
12. “Space Between”

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