Lamar Odom has been in the news for various reasons, one of the major ones being his addiction to drugs. After surviving a certain death due to drug overdose a year back, Odom seems to be taking his life for granted once again. If sources are to be believed, one of the shocking NBA news 2016 predicts possibilities of Lamar Odom’s death due to addiction very soon! What state of health is he in? Is he going to survive?

Of late, the former Los Angeles Lakers player has been seen in his old form, and like earlier days, he is also spotted frequenting strip clubs and drinking booze uncontrollably. There are talks that if he doesn’t get treated, he might succumb to his addiction soon. On Oct 13, 2015, Odom suffered 12 strokes and was about to die due to a drug overdose.

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However, his bad phase isn’t over yet and he also doesn’t seem to be in a rectifying mode. This year, he has been back to his old habits of partying and drinking in a frenzy. In July this year, he was even thrown out of a Delta flight for appearing drunk and vomiting.

While talking to Hollywood Life , Doug Caine, drug addiction expert, says, “Lamar’s overdose and his stroke have injured his brain, and depending on which side of his brain was affected, his ability to make good, healthy decisions may have been affected as well. Lamar may not have hit his bottom yet with drinking and drugs. It is also possible he may not survive his bottom. If Lamar has an addiction and it is not effectively treated, he may not survive. Addiction is chronic, progressive and fatal if not treated.”  Explaining that it is not easy to control his addiction, Caine further adds, “Post-stroke, there are a lot of therapies. Some of them include medications, some of them painkillers, which make it impossible or very difficult to abstain from drugs.” We would like to remind our readers that Odom used to be the better half of reality star Khloe Kardashian.

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The entire situation sounds quite scary. Is the former NBA player going to take treatment? Or is Lamar Odom going to die because of addiction? What do you think? Share your views here. For more NBA news 2016, stay tuned!