Wentworth Season 5 cancellation rumors are finally debunked! For quite some time, speculations were high about the cancellation of the popular Aussie series. However, the latest updates have slammed such reports.

Earlier there were talks that the actor Kate Jenkinson was seen taking some time out from the television drama series. It has kind of fueled the speculations that the channel has dropped the plan of Wentworth season 5.

However, in an interview with After Ellen, the 35-year-old confirms that the production work for the upcoming season is underway. Jenkinson is also   recently spotted with celebrity fitness trainer Torri Shack. This kind of validates her claims. It looks like the star was away only for a short while.  The show is still alive, so does Inmate Allie Novak.  It should be noted that the spoilers for Wentworth season 5 reveal that Kate Jenkinson’s Allie Novak has a key role to play in the approaching chapter.

Novak was featured as Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) romantic partner at Wentworth prison. Speculations claim she might be avenging her partner’s death in the upcoming season of Wentworth. Bea’s murder was the most unexpected death in the series, and now a heartbroken Novak will avenge Bea’s death.

Now it looks like no one is safe in Wentworth season 5.

In Wentworth season 4, viewers were shocked to see their favorite Bea Smith meeting her last after being brutally stabbed by Ferguson aka “The Freak.”  Now there are reports that Ferguson might bite the dust on the premiere episode of Wentworth season 5 . Now that Allie Novak is out for her blood, it is possible that The Freak might get killed by Bea’s lover.

Publications like Movie News Guide has learned that Wentworth season 5 is going to introduce some new faces to take the major arc. Wentworth season 5 release date is yet to be confirmed.  Stay tuned for more updates!