Although there is no relevant information regarding Michael Schumacher health right now, his family is planning to put Schumi’s personal racing memorabilia on display in Kerpen, Germany. It will be open to the public starting next year.

Offering more information about the upcoming display, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm stated to F1, “It is the heart’s desire of Michael’s family that all interested fans should get to see Michael’s collection without having to pay an admission charge.”

She continued: “It will enable them to revel in memories and bring those great times back to life again. The location’s proximity to Kerpen and the passion for motoring that it radiates were two other excellent reasons for this collaboration.”

The die-hard fans of the F1 champion will be able to appreciate and witness his racing memorabilia in his hometown Kerpen. It is expected that the memorabilia will be put on display for the public next year.

Michael Schumacher is a seven-time world champion F1 driver who has a total of 91 wins and 68 pole positions. His life changed after he met with a skiing mishap on the French Alps in December 2013. Since then, he has been residing in his residence in Lake Geneva in Switzerland. As many as 15 medical experts are on duty for his speedy recovery. Unfortunately, if reports are to be believed, the chance of his complete healing is doubtful. Since the family requested that the public respect their privacy, Michael Schumacher health updates are quite rare.

Lately, there have been endless speculations about the condition of Michael Schumacher health. Some publications say it is deteriorating day by day. Making things worse, a few sources falsely reported his death.

A few days back, clarifying things, Sabine Kehm conveyed that updates not coming from her should not be accepted. The false reports and speculations have been spreading like wildfire, and given the unstable medical condition of Michael Schumacher, he remains a soft target.

We wish the F1 champion a speedy recovery and hope to hear some positive updates about Michael Schumacher health. Keep those fingers crossed!