Home and Away 2016 is packed with more revelations in the coming episodes.

It seems like Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) is done hiding Billie Ashford’s (Tessa De Josselin) deep secret, while Kat Chapman‘s (Pia Miller) secret will be revealed soon.

Another doctor earlier noticed an irregularity in Billie’s pregnancy records. Nate realized that Billie deliberately changed the date of her conception to protect her secret. Nate confronted Billie about it and threatened her that he will tell the truth to VJ Patterson (Matthew Little).

Billie warns Nate that if he rats her out to her boyfriend VJ, she will ruin him. Nate is not worried of Billie’s threat and replies to her, “Go for it.” However, time is running out for Billie as VJ will soon propose to her on his 18th birthday.

VJ will prepare a light display showing the words “Will you marry me?” Billie freezes since she has yet to tell her teen boyfriend that the baby is not his. It can be recalled that Billie was raped and later found out that she is pregnant. She also found out that Irene’s estranged son, Mick Jennings, is the man who assaulted her.

Billie chooses to run away from VJ because of guilt. Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo) will later run over her. It was earlier reported that Billie is going to die but her baby will be saved.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Kat and Martin “Ash” Ashford rekindled their romance and hooked up. However, they decided to keep their relationship a secret until after Kat’s probation. How long will they keep their relationship a secret?

Kat is back in the police force but her supervisor put her under probation. The condition for her probation is that she needs to declare all her associates. This means she could not be associated with Ash because of his involvement in illegal activities.

Back to the Bay wrote, however, that someone might find half-naked Kat in the garage, possibly with Ash.

Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Seven Network in Australia. The Aussie soap also runs in UK during weekdays at 1:15pm and at 6pm on Channel 5.