House of Cards season 5 is approaching fast and now it looks like the political game is going to be really nasty in the next chapter. The hunger-for-power and its corrupting influence are going to dominate the story. In the process, will Claire Underwood position herself as the new president? Will that justify Frank Underwoods’s murder?

As it was touted earlier, that House of Cards season 5 will mark the last of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) . Now there is a big question: how will he die? If his death will cause by some natural factors, then the climax becomes inevitable. However, if he dies of any kind of mishap plotted by others, the show might take a nasty turn. There will be a huge fight for power.

Power-driven people like Claire Underwood want to be in charge and they want the authority to make decisions that will impact others. Next to hunger and lust, pleonexia is the most powerful and dangerous elemental and influential impulse in humans. It can make people selfish and blind. After Frank Underwood, his wife Claire Underwood is one of the potent candidates to be the President. And she seems to be quite aware of it.

Here is the theory!

If Frank’s death and his political careers are co-related, then there are chances that he might get killed by someone really close to him. The reason is quite obvious. It is the lust for the Presidential seat. Could Claire Underwood be the one behind the President’s death? Is she going to ditch her loving husband for power?

The striving for power is an aboriginal human impulse, which blindly snatches at everything around. If Claire gets carried away with such impulse, she can go to any extent to get rid of Frank Underwood.  In the last few episodes, we have also seen the pair is not keeping on very good terms. It is tough to guess whether or not the goodness in Claire is just a poker face to mask her true yearnings. It might trigger something really evil in Clare in the future.

If Frank Underwood gets killed by the First Lady, then it would be a convincing deal. Claire’s iniquitous motives will justify the death of her husband.

House of Cards Season 5 is expected to return to Netflix in early 2017.