A little town in Ontario has come together to do something truly magical. It all started as a little boy’s dream — to see Christmas for maybe the last time; little did they know that the whole town will all help to make his dream come true.

Evan Leversage, 7 years old, has been living and battling brain cancer which became an inoperable tumour for five years, and last summer, his doctors gave them a very ominous finding.  It seems that the outcome for the next few months doesn’t look the best for Evan and his family. They have exhausted all known medical means to help him.

Little Boy’s Christmas Wish Come True in October

His mother then decided to give him everything he wishes for and one of them is to see Christmas for the last time. And so, two months away from Christmas his family and the town of St. George bound together to bring Christmas to Evan and his brothers Tyson, and Logan early.

When Nicole Wellwood, planned to give her son the early Christmas he so wants she was not aiming for something grandiose but family and friends got behind them and a GoFundMe page and a Facebook event were launched.

The simple request for their townsmen to hang a few lights became something more than what the Leversages were aiming for. The whole St. George got behind the simple request and decided to give Evan, his brothers and the whole town a Christmas they will never forget. People started putting up lights on trees and decking their homes with Christmas trimmings.  The town even planned a special meal and a parade that will pass by the family’s front door for Evan with his family to enjoy.

Town Celebrated Christmas in October

“You look out our front window, the entire street is lit up,” Wellwood told CBC News. “Everywhere you look it’s Christmas. It’s more than I could have imagined.”

So on Saturday night, the night of the parade, almost 8,000 people showed up to the tiny town of St. George to bring in the Christmas cheer a few months early.  It was an all out show of support by a community where thousands of strangers bonded together to show the love and support a family needed at this time of need. For many who came, it was a truly emotional, yet extremely powerful, and happy experience.

Merry Christmas, Leversage Family! Congratulations and lots of love, St. George for slaying one little boy’s dragon even for just one night.


In the Facebook page, “Christmas in St. George,” there was a post saying:

“We were told that over 240 float applications came in to be in Evan’s Parade. The Macy’s day parade (according to our sources) has 200 floats in it, and is the largest parade in the world. WOW. Unbelieveably amazing!!”