Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? The spunky and vivacious beauty didn’t fail to capture the hearts of people and media around the globe when she first arrived on the scene.

No one can deny that she is simply gorgeous but she is loved by many for more reasons than just that. She isn’t afraid to be genuinely herself and call a spade a spade.

We have pulled together 8 moments when Jennifer Lawrence blew our mind and made us like her even more.

1.Calling-out the Hollywood Gender Gap

Jennifer spoke her mind on the leaked “American Hustle” salary details, for the first time in Lenny and earned more respect.

2. Her penchant for Photo-Bombing (That we so love!)

No one forgets her much-loved shenanigans and her photo-bombing Taylor Swift will always be filed as epic!

3. Being Star-Struck (Like us!)

This woman is an academy-award winner and still gets goose-bumps when running into other celebrities:

Or when coming face-to-face with Jack Nicholson:

Even when she looks completely smitten or star-struck she manages to hold her own.

4. She is an Inspiration

She embodies Katniss with such force that she has without doubt become an inspiration to many girls across the world.

5. When She Faced her Fears

Facing your fears is one thing, but doing so in front of a worldwide audience is a whole other ball game, and J.Law doing just that has us all smiles.

6. Joining that Epic Selfie

Wasn’t shy to jump in on the epic Oscar selfie that the world has been thanking Ellen for, and will do so for a long time to come.

If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

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7. Takes Everything with a Grain of Salt

While she is aware of her unbounded popularity, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She didn’t hold back when she shared her thoughts with Vanity Fair about acting as a profession, holding nothing when it comes to doctors or our fire fighters.

8. Admits to Not Being Perfect

Who doesn’t have a hard time admitting to oneself things they miss out on and aren’t perfect. Let alone do so in front of millions in newsletter ,Lenny. Jennifer’s genuineness only shines threw when she admits to not being perfect and reasserting that she in-fact is like one of us.