Channel Nine has issued a joint statement on behalf of the partners of the 60 minutes TV crew. The statement came from reporter Tara Brown’s husband John McAvoy, and Cara Williamson, Denise Rice, and Laura Battis.

Family members of the detained 60 Minutes TV crew have put an end to their silence on the eve of a court hearing in Lebanon. They described their distress as a “living nightmare.”

“This is a living nightmare. It’s hard to imagine it could be any tougher. From what we know, they are in good health, keeping their spirits up and are being well looked after by the Lebanese authorities.” the statement said.

They are struggling to inform their children “when mummy or daddy is coming home,” as the crew face their eleventh night behind bars.

“Some of us haven’t even told our children what’s happening yet. Understandably we are all anxious and worried sick,” they said.

They also added that it’s a difficult conversation to have with a five or seven year old. According to the statement, the crew’s natural instinct was to fly over and be there for their children.

60 Minutes’ crew of four – journalist Tara Brown, Benjamin Williamson, David Ballment and Stephen Rice, were arrested in Beirut on April 7.

Australian mother Sally Faulkner also remain in jail after she was charged for kidnapping charges along with the 60 Minutes crew. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, they allegedly tried to get back the children from their father and Faulkner’s estranged husband Ali Elamine.

While the statement is given, talks between Faulkner and Ali Elamine circled around the custody arrangements of their two children Lahala, 6, and Noah, 4.

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According to the family members, Channel Nine is sharing every detail it knows. They believed that the matter is complicated by the fact that there is so little to go on.

Moreover, they aren’t familiar with the Lebanese legal system.

They stated that people are forgetting that Tara, Stephen, Ben and Tangles were there covering a very important story. It’s something they are good at but this time, something went wrong.

The joint statement concluded by saying that there would be enough time for analysis. Right now the only concern is getting the 60 Minutes crew, back home, says The Australian.