Social media users are not too sympathetic at the 60 Minutes crew, who along with Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner, were released overnight following a deal. The social media seems unhappy about the mismanaged child recovery operation and the huge sum paid by Channel Nine to release the crew members.

Many even wished that presenter Tara Brown and her 60 Minutes crew were left to suffer in the Lebanese jail. “Shame the #60mins crew got let off. Would’ve been better for society to have a few less hack paycheck journalists,” another tweet read.

A twitter user, Natasha, wrote, “I hope the #60mins journos have learned a valuable lesson about allowing their egos to cross the line without their brains in check.”

Some of the social media users even expressed doubts over whether Faulkner’s estranged husband and the father of the two children, Ali Elamine, received a hefty payment from Channel Nine for dropping the charges against Faulkner and the crew.

“So the upshot from cheque book journalism garbage is a father with a further strengthened position & more wealth – bravo idiots,” a tweet read.

The crew, however, received support from friends and colleagues, who were delighted at the release. “Relieved to hear the #60mins crew will be returning home. No matter what Ch9 did or didn’t do, a Lebanese prison is no place for 4 journos,” a Channel Nine journalist tweeted.

The Department of Foreign Affairs also expressed its relief at the release in a tweet and was also the first one to do so, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Faulkner, Brown and the rest of the 60 Minutes crew were released suddenly from the jail following a $1 million payout by Channel Nine, the 9 reported. The crew, along with Faulkner, was arrested and remanded in custody in a Lebanese jail on alleged charges of kidnapping following a bungled child recovery operation.