5SOS New Album 2015: Michael’s ‘Stupidest Song’ Revealed; See Calum’s Underwear

5 Seconds of Summer is set to release their sophomore album “Sounds Good Feels Good” on October 23, 2015. While fans are all excited for the new songs, the boys revealed that not all their songs are good, some were actually stupid.

5SOS new album tracklist has already been revealed and the new record will feature 14 new songs from the band, including chart-topper “She’s Kinda Hot.” Fans who pre-ordered the new album last Friday were also treated to a new track that was free for download, “Fly Away.”

While the new songs are sure fire hits, Luke Hemmings revealed that he is embarrassed of all the songs he wrote when he started penning his own songs. Remembering those days, Luke said one of his proudest moments was finishing the song “Out of My Limits” with bassist, Calum Hood.

“I went to my first class, and I was like, ‘Alright, f*ck this — I’m gonna go to Calum’s house.’ When I got there, he had our song ‘Out of My Limits’ half written, and I remember finishing the second verse with him. That was a cool moment,” Hemmings told Rolling Stones in an interview.

Moreover, Michael Clifford revealed that he once wrote the “stupidest song” about the moon and a girl.

“I remember writing the stupidest song I’ve written,” the 5SOS guitarist revealed.

“It had, like, three chords, and it was about the moon. Something about the moon and a girl. She was a nonexistent girl because I was 12. I wanted to write a song about a girl so that people would be like, ‘Wow! Girls like you?’ And I’d be like ‘Yeah, totally,’ when in reality that’s just not true.”

As for their new album tracks though, fans can expect nothing but the very best from 5SOS.

The lads also released a new teaser for their album which gives a quick peak at the new tracks, their backstage antics, and oh, Calum’s underwear.

Watch the trailer below. 

“Sounds Good Feels Good” drops on October 23, 2015.

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