Despite malicious controversies about hooking up with young fans, 5SOS boys Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford seem to prove that they are among the “most adorable human beings” on earth by granting an ill supporter’s wish.

According to Sugar Scape, the most “accident prone” member found out that a fan won’t be able to see them in one of their shows. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to reach out to the lucky fan via FaceTime.

The sweet gesture of the lads was obviously shown on the video especially when Clifford pouted his lips when he found out that the girl was not feeling well.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” Michael replied, followed by the sweet gesture. “You know what helps? Um… um… actually I don’t know what helps.” Hemmings¬†was also seen beside Clifford, chatting with the fan.

Despite the sweet gesture that the boys made, there are claims that many of their fans are losing their taste on the Aussie band because of Arzaylea’s rude behaviour.

Known as Luke Hemming’s girlfriend, Arzaylea has reportedly been acting rude on social media, causing a backlash against the group. Apart from the fans, singer Madison Beer allegedly noticed that the starlet’s behavior caused a stir on the Internet.

Citing Fashion and Style, Master Herald described the exchange of words between the singer and the “Internet Influencer.”

Madison Beer told Arzaylea that she needs an “attitude change” from being rude to fans. The latter went on to explain that she was just misunderstood and people have no idea who she really is. Although the exchanges have been deleted, ¬†the site wrote that some fans were allegedly able to save them.

Notably, a previous article revealed that Arzaylea allegedly kissed Hemming’s best friend and band mate Michael Clifford. However, the rumour is still unconfirmed.